Why Would I Wear Body Trainer When Working?

I am working in Sports Wear Body Trainer Company as you see.

I am not fat but I want hot and sexy body and I have back problem when after whole day sitting.

I don't take photos everyday and right now nobody take photos for me,

please be noted these photos are not mine, I just use them to express myself better.

When I come to this company, I notice the waist cincher trainer which is a new thing for me.

Since I am going to sell this product, I need to know how it goes. So I picked the suitable waist shaper trainer and wear it.

My first day is not that comfortable, and struggling to put it on. After around 3 hours, I put it away.

The second day and third day, similar trying. I personally feel much better when it helps to hold my back straight while working.

And the second day I start go to gym after work for 40 mins. To the GYM, I don't want to get to tired, I am kind of lazy. So while exercise, I play games.

Usually, I couldn't stick to anything for very long term, however, wearing waist trainer makes my back feel easier for working long time.

And exercise in this easy way also brings me fun. With no surprise, now it is almost a month, and for the waist trainer,I am still wearing it. It is the third hook level now.

I will keep updating after one month. My waist length is 64 CM for almost 5 years. Now it is 62 CM.

I don't know whether I can get a body like those model or not. However, I am trying in my easiest way.

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